A story over a few decades…

Meilleur was founded in 1921 by Charles Meilleur from l’Ecole Boulle.
It contributed, along with other Parisian bronziers, to the artistic development of the “Belle Epoque” between the two World Wars.
At the end of the Second World War, the company specialized in lighting and furniture. It brought in its expertise in bronze and brass to rebuild and restore the prestigious masterpieces and buildings of the French Heritage: the Fontainebleau Castle, the Compiegne Palace, the Carnavalet Museum, the French National Library, the Comédie Française,…

At the turn of the century, Meilleur partnered up with Bataillard, an ironwork workshop, under the same management. Strong of their partnership, the companies worked with renowned designers like Pierre Yovanovitch, cabinet Pinto, François Catroux and Laurent Bourgois.
The craftsmen’s skills also spread over fine metalwork, such as store windows, shop signs, logos, ornamental features, etc. in a diverse range of styles while respecting high levels of quality and completions required of this craft.

Table Maison Meilleur - Magasine Parade 1962



The company’s savoir-faire was exported to the White House.
Meilleur designed and made a low table for the Senator Kennedy, who later became the 35th President of the United States.
This table, made out of wrought iron, was on the front page of the US magazine Parade in 1962.

In a few drawings…

Heir of the great tradition of architects’ hand-drawings, we hold thousands of archives from our different projects : lanterns, lightings, tables, mirrors, andirons,…

…and in a few figures.

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