If we were to define the craft of bronzier in one short and specific word, it would be the word unifier. The bronze craftman is at the crossroads of an array of trades: chiselers, founders, iron-turners…
The craftman handles the shaping and assembling of the several pieces coming from the foundry or the chasing workshop. He carries out both cold and hot assembling. The bronziers are the guardians of the final masterpiece and its general aspect.
The House’s main costumers are interior designers and architects like Tristan Auer, Laurent Bourgois, or François Bompard, Atelier KO,…


The Meilleur Company gives all the meaning to the word “House”: a family structure in which every craftsman brings in his technical science and his expertise for the collective achievement of our projects. Engineering offices, designers, and workers collaborate every day to conceptualize and carry out public and private building projects, both national and international.
The company develops formations for young apprentices to ensure the transmission of its savoir-faire and love of fine work.


Meilleur is a unique company that brings together tradition and innovation, heritage and future, international and domestic markets, establishing it as worthy of the French craft excellence standard.
In relation with others craftsmen, we have privileged relationships with woodworkers, floor-makers, glassmakers and craftsmen from a variety of fields, which enables us to offer global and consistent solutions.